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Do I Need A Logo?
Author: David Mclauchlan

So is a logo important to the success of a business? Do you remember those long road trips with mom and dad when you were a kid? You get to a new city and its supper time. What's the first thing you look for? That's right the golden arches. If those arches aren't a some familiar to you, then all of would have eaten in a lot of little Diners instead of sinking our teeth in that two whole beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

Let's define logo: A company or product identifier - for example, a representation of a company's initials or a drawing that is the exclusive property of that company. In publishing usage, a virtual equivalent to the trademark.

Your Logo symbolizes the essence of your site. More importantly, it will define your
visitor’s initial perception of your site. Your logo if attractive, clean, and simple will create an appearance that subconsciously tells visitors that you are professional in the way you do things and it is a good way to start solving the solution to the problem that she is seeking.

But if you overdo it with a barrage of colors and special effects, your visitor will cringe at the circus-type presentation. And, if she doesn’t leave right away, she’ll proceed with a cautious and fairly critical eye. This means that her defense wall is up and you are unlikely to get a sale or referral.

The old saying that mom use to tell you every time you were going out for a job interview “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” has never been more true in the world of online marketing. Your logo is a giant initial step in the right or very often (because of hot dogging) wrong direction to success. Please resist the urge to do a triple sow cow when you can do much better with a double lox. Consider your Logo as your outside business sign on the “streets” of the Web. It needs to catch your visitors’ eyes and draw them into your site.

Your main goal with the logo is to attract them enough to want to stay to read the great content that you worked so hard to put together through keywords etc…This of course leads to the ultimate prize of you getting a click thru to your download page of affiliate partner’s site.

Last point is to make sure the Logo fits the overall theme of your site, and the mood that you want to create in your visitors minds.

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