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Debt Management For The Normal Joe
Author: Mr Hanna

In todayís money orientated society it is hard to pursue your lifeís need and desires without that big salary that we all wish we could earn. On a normal monthly salary itís usually just manageable to feed and clothe the family and pay the bills. So when a minor crisis such as a non-serious car crash, or the washing machine breaking down can be turned in a mountain sized problem if you just donít have the cash to sort it.

The question is: what can I do to solve my little crisis and go on with life in my happy bliss like before I reversed into that silly post. If you are scraping through every month then there are long term changes that you need to implement when the dust settles, but for now it seems your only option is to take out a loan, there are quick temporary solutions in the form of pay day loans (http://www.mypaydayloans.com ). These are monthly loans that you can get quickly to fix your car or washing machine, but you have to pay back from your next pay cheque. This is a good solution, but can never be taken as a long term solution. If you take out a payday loan that you canít afford to pay back with your next pay cheque then your problems will start to spiral out of control, as the interest piles up every month, and you constantly find yourself with a debt you canít afford to pay.

The other possibility is a bank loan. The downside of a bank loan is that it can take a while to be processed. This can leave you without transportation, or without clothes for longer than you can afford.

So what do you do? My advice involves a few stages:

1. Get a pay day loan as a temporary solution.
2. Apply for a bank loan.
3. Pay back the payday loan as soon as the bank loan comes through.
4. Manage your monthly incomings and outgoings, so that youíre never left with such a crisis in the future.
5. Pay back the bank loan in manageable monthly instalments.

1 - Get that payday loan, but make sure you know that itís a short term thing; and donít borrow more than you need. The temptation to borrow a little more than you need and treat yourself can lead to problems in the future.

2 - Apply for a bank loan from a reputable bank; Barclays (http://www.barclayloanapplication.co.uk ) for instance. Again, donít borrow more than you need.

3 - As soon as the bank loan comes through pay off the payday loan to get that problem off your back.

4 - Now youíve seen how bad things can get so easily start to sort your life out. Try to earn some extra money: if thereís extra work, do it. If thereís a possible promotion, go for it. And never give up on trying to get that job that would sort you out for life. If none of these things are possible then you need to start spending less. This will mean budgeting your food, and cutting down on any treats you may like to bestow upon yourself.

5 - Never forget about your loan Ė always think about making sure how youíre going to pay back each monthís instalment!

I you havenít had this little crisis, but you see how it could happen to you, then act now before your rainy day brings thunderstorms for you.

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Michael is a keen writer, and internet marketer living in Scotland: Contact details: E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 0131 561 2251 Michael's Website: Taxi Belfast

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