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CreditCard Account - Be Clever With It
Author: Steve Gee

It's hard to imagine how anyone can live in today's society without a creditcard account. If you make any kind of purchases on the Internet then a creditcard account is practically a necessity. We are led to believe that using a creditcard account is the safest way to make purchases because the transactions are often insured. It's also a good way of managing a budget because you get several weeks credit before you have to pay the bill. You do have to be very disciplined though if you are going to make the card work for you.

The media is constantly bombarding us with advertisements for what seems to be hundreds of different credit cards. The vast number of credit card accounts available is completely mind blowing and it's very difficult to know where to start if you're trying to choose one. All of the creditcard accounts on offer have some kind of advantages, which, depending on your circumstances to your benefit if you use them wisely.

I can't stress enough how important it is to use a credit card account sensibly. It's convenient to be able to spread the cost of a major purchase over several months but you must not let yourself fall into the very dangerous habit of spending on your card without regard to how you are going to pay it back. If you ignore this advice you could find that your credit card balance just keeps growing and growing. Interest rates on creditcard accounts are typically very high and you begin to pay this high interest rate as soon as you fail to pay the whole balance off your statement. The more debt you allow to build on your card the more difficult it becomes to pay it back.

If you are organised enough, look for a card that works best for you. Some card accounts give cash back when you use it, if you travel a lot; find a card that will give you air miles. Just like anything else, the credit card companies are trying to entice you to use their card to purchase - so make it work for you!

Make sure that you check out the credit card account for any other charges in addition to the interest rate. Some cards charge annual or even monthly fees just for having the account. I would personally steer well clear of those kinds of accounts unless I can see a clear benefit in other areas.

Only a short while ago you were only able to open a credit card account with the bank you normally bank with. If you wanted something different then you were limited to charge cards such as Diners Club or American Express. Charge cards must be paid off in full when the statement arrives and I've never been able to see the advantage in using them. If you still have a credit card from that era then you might want to take a look around to see what is on offer today. If you haven't done that for a year or two then you might be pleasantly surprised.

The Sale Of Goods Act in the UK protects consumers from any problems with their purchases. There are times though, when there is a dispute, that having a large reputable credit card company fighting for you can be a considerable advantage so remember this when you have the choice of using your card or paying by cash.

Credit card fraud is increasing and users are most vulnerable when using cards to pay for things online. If you are one of the millions of people that buy stuff online every day then you may want to find a credit card account that provides a guarantee against online fraud. Such guarantees are designed to ensure that you never lose money should your account be debited without your authorisation as a result of your online activities.

It is now easier than ever for vendors to accept credit cards both on and off line and in many cases it is the only option available. If you haven't got a card yet I wonder just how much longer you will be able to do without one. Whatever happens, always use a credit card account wisely and don't allow it to control you.

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Steve is a software engineer and webmaster of www.creditcard-account.thecatcollar.com

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