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Chrome Rims: Add Some Attitude To Your Vehicle
Author: Robert Thatcher

Did you ever wonder why some vehicles have the natural ability to stand out from the rest of the pack? Did you ever wonder how these cars differ from the rest? Did you ever wonder why vehicles on car shows are very attractive even if you have stared on it for several hours? And with all the wondering and awe, did you ever realize that there is one car part, or we can say car accessory that completes the overall package of any vehicle.

In a car show or car show competition for instance, you can notice that almost every vehicle particularly those that are designed for exterior category have one thing in common: they all look totally beautiful. There are vehicles that are coated with special paints to project a more stunning look. There are even some that are painted with exotic images. There are those that are dressed with body kits. There are those that are installed with lift kits or lowering kits. But among all these extra fabrications and extra accessories, one accessory is almost indispensable: the chrome rims.

First, you have to know that chrome rims and aluminum wheels are two different things. Aluminum wheel are usually made from finished metal with dull silver finish. There are also aluminum wheels with shiny black finish. But this is very rare. Aluminum wheels eliminate the need for wheel covers and hubcaps since they can stand alone on the vehicle without the incompleteness of the looks. They are more expensive than the wheel covers and hubcaps but cheaper than chrome rims.

Chrome rims on the other hand come with shiny wheels finish and are used by most car owner because it provide a different effect to the vehicle. Chrome rims make vehicle sharper, more expensive, and look faster.

Chrome rims are set of wheels that have become very popular to those who want to add spark to their vehicle. Since old factory wheels tend to look boring and lifeless, the addition of chrome rims makes the vehicle look livelier. And if getting noticed is all you wanted, chrome rims will definitely do the job.

Chrome wheels could be acquired in two ways. You can request your car dealer to trade the existing factory wheels with new set of chrome wheels since most new cars are released with aluminum wheels. And, you can also buy chrome wheels as an added option from aftermarket manufacturer.

The good thing about chrome rims is, you can get chrome rims for every type of vehicle. You can now replace your existing wheels whether you own a car, truck, pickup, SUV, or a van.

Some OEM manufacturers have set of chrome wheels designed for a particular vehicle make of a vehicle model. There are also those that are made generic for general fit. Sizes also vary. Chrome rims could be 15” and 16” or 17” and 18” for larger vehicles such as SUVs and pickups.

With exchange for more beauty comes the price. Normally, chrome rims are worth higher than ordinary wheels or wheel covers. One chrome rim could cost several hundreds of dollars; even thousands. Multiply that with the number of your tires could cost you almost as much as another brand new vehicle. But in spite of the price, the attitude and style each chrome rim produce is worth all the money.

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Robert Thatcher is a freelance publisher based in Cupertino, California. He publishes articles and reports in various ezines and provides chrome rim resources on www.about-chrome-rims.info.

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