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Choosing Affordable Web Hosting
Author: Brent Wilson

If you do not choose your web hosting wisely then you will find yourself with a lot of unnecessary downtime. This downtime can be from too much bandwidth usage or having to move your site because the web host doesn’t meet the needs of your web sites. Here are a few things to consider when looking for an affordable web hosting company.

1. Always make sure to have enough resources for what your site needs.

Affordable web hosting isn’t very affordable when all people sees is “account unavailable because the owner of this site has went over his or her limits this month” so make sure that there is enough Bandwidth.

2. How much disk space do you need?

Make sure that you have enough disk space to upload and run your site with some space leftover to add to your site as needed. Also make sure that you can upgrade the amount of space when needed without having to transfer all of your files to another account.

3. Is your site going to be database driven?

If you are going to be running any scripts on your site or think that you might add a script later you might need a MYSQL database or two. By having an account that allows you to have MYSQL to start with, might stop a lot of work later from having to move your site to a host that provides them for you.

4. Check out the support by submitting an email. See how long it takes for them to respond.

How affordable is your web hosting if your site is down for three days because you are waiting on your hosting company to respond to your email?

5. Does the hosting company you are looking at offer a money back guarantee?

A money back guarantee shows that they are willing to stand behind the hosting they are offering you. If you are not clear on what is covered in their guarantee send them an email and ask.

6. Look for customer feed back.

If there is no feedback on their site ask for them if they have feedback from their customers. If they present you with feedback contact the owner of the feedback “remember this is the Internet just because it is written doesn’t make it so” and ask how they like hosting with that company.

7. Do they offer programs to make your hosting easy?

If you do not know how to do HTML do they offer a site builder that can make creating and updating your website easy?

If you do not know how to do PHP do they offer programs that will install popular PHP programs for you such as “Blogs, Forums, Image Galleries, Forms, Polls, Calendars, Guest Book, CMS, Portals, and such”.

8. Now let’s look at pricing . The price is the last thing that makes an affordable web hosting account “affordable”.

Remember if your hosting account does not meet your needs for your site to grow it is not affordable for you. It only hurts your attempts of being successful on the Internet.

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