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Chase Announces Two New Business Credit Cards: Should You Get One?
Author: Ed Vegliante

Chase recently announced the release of two new credit cards for the business community. The Chase Platinum Business Card and the Chase Business Rebate Card are now available, giving business people more options and a better deal than what they can get through ordinary business cards. Are these cards worth getting? More importantly, do they offer to your business a reason to switch? Let’s examine the new cards and what they have to offer to you, the business person.

There are business credit cards that adequately meet most business owners’ needs while there are other cards that really stand out. The two new credit card offerings from Chase are a pair of stand out performers.

Quarterly Management Reports

To help busy card holders, Chase’s two new cards share a common feature: they offer quarterly management reports for free. This is especially helpful when you consider that businesses must account for how their money is spent when it comes to tax time. By utilizing the management reporting feature, businesses can readily document important tax deductions. No worrying that something has been overlooked; the reports do the tracking for you. Less work for your busy accountants too!

0% Intro APR

Both the Chase Platinum Business Card and the Chase Business Rebate Card offer a fixed 0% APR for the first twelve billing cycles. This feature is especially helpful to the business needing the convenience of a credit card without worrying about paying off a large balance every month. New business owners are attracted to such a feature as the 0% introductory APR can relieve some of the pressure of financing a new entity.

Big Credit Lines

One of the toughest parts of starting a new business is securing an affordable line of credit. Your bank may offer terms, but those double digit rates can be a real turn off, especially if your cash flow is limited. The Chase Business Card and the Chase Platinum Business Card solve this problem by offering huge credit lines up to $35,000. You can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in interest payments for the first year if you elect to go with a Chase card vs. the typical bank loan.

Important Ingredients

Both Chase cards offer no annual fee and have important balance transfer offers.

Distinguishing Features

As much as the two new cards have similarities to them, they each have a distinguishing feature. With the Chase Platinum Business Card you get additional benefits including $1 million dollar travel insurance, $3,000 lost luggage insurance, and more. With the Chase Business Rebate Card you can get as much as 3% cash back on select purchases. When you take a client out to eat, purchase supplies at the office or building supply stores, or fuel up your car, Chase rewards kick in when you use your card. For all other purchases the rewards rate is 1%.

Of course, the biggest decision for you is which card to select. Both cards come equipped with many useful features and are certain to attract customers who need a business card that works so well for them. Compare the offers and select the one that meets your needs and start benefiting from your new Chase business card today!

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