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Cash In On Google Adsense
Author: Jason Johns

If you have ever searched for anything on Google you will have noticed Google Adsense. On the right hand side of every search are some targeted adverts relating to your search terms.

Every time you follow one of those ads the advertiser is charged some money for your traffic.

Of course, these adverts are not only located on Google. You will see many websites displaying Google Adsense adverts. Why? Because every time someone visits their site and clicks on an ad, the site owner gets paid.

Now I can almost see the wheels turning in your heard – free money! Someone clicks on the ad and you get paid?

Does that mean you can spend all day clicking on your own ads and earn yourself a fortune?

No it doesn’t.

Google are a smart company and they have safety checks in place to ensure this doesn’t happen. Should you do this then you will have your account closed down and be banned from Adsense, losing all money you have earned – including the legitimate clicks.

Depending on the content of your website you can get paid anything from a few dollars per click upwards. Certain keywords are more valuable than others, and through some clever research you can discover what they are. They are, of course, a closely guarded secret in the Adsense community.

You will, naturally, want to maximise the opportunities for people to click on your ads so you will need to know exactly where the hottest spots to place your ads are; spots where your click through rate will increase.

You will need to learn how to drive traffic to your site. Without any visitors your site will earn you nothing. Adsense is very much a numbers game – the more visitors you have the more potential clicks you have and the more you can potentially earn.

There are many more secrets to Adsense success – the colour of the adverts, the sizes, the content. All of these help to determine your click through ratio – and the more people that click on your ads, the more money that you will earn. If you want to maximise your earnings then you need to learn the most effective Adsense strategies.

There are people online earns tens of thousands of dollars every single month through Google Adsense – and it’s something that you can easily learn to do yourself. With the right guidance and advice you can maximise your income whilst minimising your expenses.

Through a program such as Adsense Gold you can learn the tricks of the trade and avoid the pitfalls that hamper so many from success.

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Jason E Johns is a successful Internet Marketer and Personal Coach. He’s created many books and products, available online. Discover how you can maximise your income through Adsense Gold.

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