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Broadband Internet Does It Save Time And Money?
Author: Keisha Seaton

The Internet is full of information treasures. Millions of people from across the globe use the web to access information or some service. This ongoing and ever rising demand for Internet access brings us into focusing on the quality of web service you have to connect to the Internet. In the beginning the only way to access the web was through a standard dialup 56K modem connection. Not only was it slow, but it also prevented you from using your telephone as well. However, that was a time when people had no other choice to reach the World Wide Web. Do you remember those awful days?

Then came along Broadband Internet. It made its entry as a one-stop solution to these long delays in getting a page loaded or submitting a form and the lost or missed phone calls while browsing on the web. Not only does it work with your existing phone line, but also provided a download rate as much as ten times faster than in a dialup connection. Also with Broadband Internet you have the advantage to leave your PC connected to the web forever or as long as you wish. The bottom line is that such chances of frequent disconnections became eliminated almost completely. This could have never been done with dialup, trying to stay connected was always the biggest problem that I could remember.

Actually, broadband was initially introduced as a faster means for download and surfing. But the wide bandwidth enabled the broadband service providers to offer more facilities and features a conventional phone cannot imagine to provide even at a higher cost. Now an Internet user can download movies and songs in less time, read a quick article on a newspaper, or have a video chat with someone a thousand miles away. Also, for broadband users, if they want to take advantage of the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), it is possible to make long distance phone calls at a much lower rate than a conventional international dialer service.

From the foregoing, it is clear that the best mode of Internet access possible at present is through a broadband connection. It is fast, less taxing and cost effective, when weighing its pros and cons. That is, whether you get it for business purposes or personal use, the benefits a broadband connection could provide can easily cover the initial investments made in the matter of few months. So do I think that having broadband is worth the cost every month? You bet I do. Yes it might be a little bit more costly than dialup, but the headaches of dialups are of the past.

However, the choice lies upon the Internet user. Do you want to catch the current wave of fast communication or waste precious time with those slow dialups? Its your choice!

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