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Basic Computer Training: Do we all need it ?

We live in something called the world of electronics. Okay, maybe I just coined that phrase, but it sounds legit, doesn't it? I mean, think about it, we use machines and electronics for everything from ordering a pizza, to sending a letter. How did we ever exist without them? This is the prime reason why everyone should acquire some basic computer training. Think of all the jobs these days that require basic computer training. Better yet, ponder all the ones that don't. It's much easier.

My sophomore year of college, I took a class on computer fundamentals. I figured this would come in handy sooner or later, and especially after school. Well, it actually came in handy earlier than expected. Not long after the basic computer training course, I obtained a job where the skills were necessary. Even part-time high school and college jobs require basic computer training. I spent three years working for a video store chain. Most of the time I was on a computer. I bartended at a fancy hotel for a year. All money was handled through a computer system. Not many people use the old-school cash registers anymore. Basic computer training has simply become part of our standard environment. Everyone coming out of college these days is expected to have some basic computer training at the least.

How often do you use a computer on a daily basis? When you check your email, when you go to the grocery store, checking the bank account, or possible purchasing a gift online; these are common occasions when we use computers. I have found it very useful in my everyday life to fully understand Microsoft Office. These are some of the most common software programs used in our society today. This is certainly considered basic computer training. I find it useful to understand computers as best I can. Since I write on a Mac G4Ibook regularly, I prefer to fully comprehend its functions so I don't have to always call for help if something goes aloof.

If you are interested in attaining some basic computer training, hop online today. You will notice that there are even online courses to help you better understand the ever-changing machines. Whether you work at a job involving computers or not, it is definitely beneficial to acquire basic computer training for other things. Sooner or later you too will need an understanding of computers on some level. Prepare yourself for the future that lies ahead.

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