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Bartending Secrets Revealed Special Report - Two Strategies to Instantly Increase Your Tips
Author: _Theodore Watts

Copyright © 2006 Theodore Watts

So you want to learn how to increase your tips? If you want to learn the time tested techniques that will help fatten your wallet, then you must read this report. This report will show you 2 fr.ee tips I guarantee will work. It’s great to learn hundreds of recipes but it is so much more than that, and I am going to explain to you what I am talking about.

In this special report I will NOT give you a cookie cutter, bartending school lecture on bartending recipes and blah, blah, blah. I am going to cut all the fluff and just tell you how it’s done. The key here is that regardless of how many drinks you know how to make; even if you mix up a horrible drink every time you bartend you can still bankroll some huge tips!

#1 Special Report Tip: Demand Attention from Your Patrons

Have you ever been to a bar where a bartender is trying his or her best to get your attention? This special technique may bother your customers while they are trying to have a nice time but if you give them a reason to turn around, make it worth their wild. This is what you can do:

First, you will need a device that will be your attention getter that will eventually get your patrons to turn around and see what that sound is. All you need is some kind of device that will bring people to you. You can use certain devices such as:

•A whistle •A blow horn •Some kind of flashing light fixture (laser light)

When you use these devices, the main objective is to get their attention, not to annoy them. Get them to the bar to purchase drinks and entertain them when they come over so you mentally force tips into your tip jar. This tip works and I have seen many bartenders use this technique and make a fortune every night because you are giving them more than a smile, you are demanding their attention and when you get it, you capitalized on it.

For example, if you are on the bar blowing your whistle, I guarantee people will turn and look at you. When they turn, motion for them to come over…it creates quick conversation about the bartender…most people won’t blatantly ignore you and will eventually come over to the bar to see what you have to offer.

#2 Special Report Tip: Working with the DJ

Announcements from the DJ are always a good idea. The DJ can either announce drink specials or even events. For example, the DJ can announce that the bartender will be giving out free shots to girls that will get on the bar and dance. This will get people to the bar so you can work your bartending charm.

Inviting girls to dance on the bar will eventually bring guys to the bar to see the girls and they will most likely buy a few shots or a round of drinks and tip the hell out of you for getting the girls up on the bar. Also, when the DJ makes announcements, make sure they say your name. This will make you more personable.

Other ideas for working with the DJ:

•Have the DJ give a shot out to the bartender, “Give a hand to Teddy who is working hard at the bar and don’t forget to give him a tip!” This makes people remember your name; it reminds them to go to the bar and get a drink and leave at tip while they are at it! Make sure you take care of the DJ at the end of the night because the next night, guess what; he will give that same announcement or shout out all night to get customers to the bar.

•Have the DJ ask if it is anybody’s birthday. After someone steps up and shows the DJ their ID, the DJ will announce their name and send them to the bar. Give the birthday customer a free shot. If it is their birthday, I guarantee they are there with a group of friends. Therefore, the friends are also now all at the bar; this means shot buying and drinks like crazy. Your tips will skyrocket just from that group!

oExtra tip: Create a special shot that is called “The Birthday Shot”, so that it is “exclusive” to them to make them feel special.

Remember, a bartender is a salesman. You are in the business of not only selling drinks but of selling yourself as well. Your personality and charisma will take you very far. A bartender is a psychologist, a sociologist and a businessman all wrapped in one.

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Theodore A. Watts Jr., or “Tie Wearing Teddy” as his bartending patrons know him, has been energetically involved with bartending since 1999 while attending the University of Illinois. While in College, Teddy found inspiration from falling on hard times as a broke college student, to come up with time tested strategies for bartenders like himself. Teddy has written several articles on the subject and has taken these time tested strategies and put them in an ebook for other bartenders to use. You can read all about his experience and his strategies at www.bartending-guide.com

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