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Bamboo Flooring is a Great Home Option
Author: Jessica Deets

It may sound a little funny, but it's true. For those who want eye-popping, incredible floors, bamboo is an option that should be taken seriously. No, we're not talking woven together sticks here, either. Good bamboo flooring is a beautiful as any hardwood and comes in as many varieties and styles if not more. Plus, it offers some advantages other products cannot.

Unlike the woven bamboo mats most people think of when bamboo flooring is mentioned, newer products using bamboo have come into the marketplace recently. These flooring types involve the transformation of plain bamboo stalks into a very smooth flooring product that comes in a huge variety of colors and styles. When laid, it resembles any other type of wood flooring, but comes with a large laundry list of advantages over plain oak, maple or pine.

Produced in a similar fashion as hardwood, bamboo comes in short strips, planks and even tiles. It's installed basically the same way any other flooring is, too. It can take on many different colors and designs, too. But the icing on the cake though is the fact bamboo is known not only for looking good, but also for its ability to hold up under some major traffic. These advantages combine to make bamboo perfect for homes, offices and other settings where beauty and an ability to stand up to traffic are needed.

Bamboo has a number of advantages over other types of flooring. Here are some of the main ones:

* Weather tolerance: Unlike traditional hardwoods, bamboo can handle humidity and moisture changes like a champ. It's ability to withstand water without expanding or contracting gives it a distinct advantage over other kinds of wood flooring that can be destroyed by water. It's even considered more stable than oak.
* Hardness quality. When properly crafted, bamboo flooring is considered harder than maple and even oak. This adds to its ability to withstand years and years of traffic.
* Durability. Bamboo's unique properties make it stain, scratch and fade resistant. Plus, it stands up to serious traffic and more. The toughness of the product helps it resist things that can destroy regular wood floors and especially carpeting. This means less of a need for replacement, which means a huge cost savings over the long run.
* Great for those with allergies. Unlike carpets, bamboo doesn't hold in dust and dirt. This can help keep a home a bit more allergen free, which is great news for those who suffer from allergies.
* Environmental: Trees are not cut down to create bamboo floors. Bamboo grows, literally, like weeds in numerous locations around the world. It is able to reproduce and grow quickly, which means the supply is more prevalent and forests don't have to be destroyed to make a floor.
* Maintenance. Considering its natural properties, it's easy to see this flooring is simple to care for. It can be vacuumed just like a carpet or dusted with any spills wiped up.

Bamboo flooring is not a new concept, but recent advances in making it have added this flooring option to the mainstream. Considering its advantages, it is worth major consideration when new flooring is needed. Few products can come close to comparing with the benefits bamboo offers.

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Jessica Deets researches the internet and finds information to help people. You can find more news and information about bamboo floors at www.bambooflooringstores.com

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