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Advertising Your Home Business with Google Adwords
Author: Frederic Thomson

The object to successful advertising is to find method of conveying your information to as many people as possible, while keeping the cost on the advertising low to begin with. This is the easiest way to generate traffic and retain your profits. Google Adwords is a great method of getting both of these objectives done and making your site successful. It is very important to try and maintain a low click through cost when trying to target the appropriate customers.

It is no secret that pay per click can really make you business swell with traffic and customers by placing the highest bid on a keyword, or keywords, you can get great page ranking when someone types your keyword into their browser for a search. If you have heard of Google Adwords you will know that it is not really a pay per click search engine, but a very powerful Google tool that can be used as an advertising template. It is said that the largest Internet based network for marketing is indeed Google. It is a global industry and is a very good way to get exposure on the Internet. If you are ever interested in the Google Adwords you can find it on just about every page that Google showcases. Their ad can be found in a little rectangle by the organic search results that are free.

The basic premise of the Google Adwords realm is quite simple. The member makes their own advertisement and then has to bid on a keyword. This keyword will trigger the next step of the process. The next step is where the appearance of the ad can be showcased to the viewers online. A member's site consists of approximately 25 words or characters, this will include spaces so be mindful. It will also allow for a description segment of up to 70 words or characters. Remember, spaces are included in the total so you must watch what you are using as a description. The great thing about this feature is your site will be posted within just a few minutes of you submitting it to Google. It could even become one of the sites that are sponsored. Sponsored sites appear on the right hand column of the search engine pages.

Google’s Adwords runs a little differently than the standard pay per click programs. It is not entirely based on the bid you place on the keyword. It has other factors penciled into the equation, such as the click through rate x the cost per click. This in turn dictates what your page ranking will be in the end of the ratio. You will need a steady flow of traffic to your site prior to this method to be effective, so it is best to get a good game plan in motion.

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The author, Rick Thomson, is the founder of MindStream Marketing Group, and is dedicated to researching select home business ideas, opportunities and resources. To see the full range of home based business income opportunities, visit www.MindStreamGroup.com.

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