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Achieve a Natural Look Wearing Make Up
Author: beauty queen

The true purpose of wearing make up is to make us look as
porcelain, smooth and natural as possible, without making
ourselves look made up. What is a girl to do? We know that
in real life we can not airbrush away all our imperfections
like the models in the magazines. Unfortunately, we dont
have a makeup team ready and waiting.

We clean and exfoliate our skin with the idea of removing
the imperfections and creating a smooth palate for our make
up. Then we apply make up to smooth the appearance of
uneven, blotchy skin, lengthen our lashes and try to create
wide dramatic eyes. Then we plump our lips and tint our
cheeks; whew!!! Talk about work!

How does one go about applying makeup to look natural with
all of this unnaturalness? The most important and the most
difficult part of looking natural is choosing the correct
color of foundation. Choose colors that are the most
similar to your actual skin color and undertones. You are
better off matching the colors in-between your neck and
face than going too light or too dark. Do not try to change
your coloring with foundation because you will look
unnatural. Regardless of how many layers of foundation you
put on your skin the wrong color will still look wrong.

If you are unhappy with your skin color try enhancing the
color by changing the eye colors you are using. Avoid
bright unnatural colors like Electric Blue ... leave it in
the 80s where it belongs! Eye color can play a huge part
in the coloring of your skin. Another product to avoid when
trying to look natural is liquid face bronzers. These are
great if you live in Hollywood, but not for everyday life.
Bronzers tend to give you that fake Orange tan look. This
may be appropriate in some settings, but doesnt look
especially natural. If you are going to use a bronzer be
sure it is not too shiny or darker than your skin would
naturally tan in the summer.

Lip color should be as close to your natural tone as
possible. Avoid using a darker lip-liner and a light filler
color. No matter who you are this is a DONT! It just does
not look natural and it does not make your lips fuller. It
just makes them more noticeable and not in a good way. Find
a color that matches your actual lip color or a shade
darker. You can line your lips with the same color, but
dont go too dark! Peach and Pink colors seem to work well
on all fair and neutral skin tones while berry colors for
darker skin tones will tend to look the most natural.

When applying eye shadow colors try to stick to neutral
colors like, taupes, browns and barely there pinks. These
all work great for eye shadow options. Use brown for
mascara whenever the option exists. If you feel you need
to line your eyes try any color in the brown family. Leave
the blacks, blues and greens for nighttime. Natural make up
is nice for daytime wear and situations that call for down
playing ones appearance.

Enjoy your fresh, clean, natural look, without feeling made

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