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About Playstation Cheats and Appropriate Use
Author: Sandra Stammberger

For most people cheat codes have a negative stigma; if you need to use the codes then there is something wrong with your ability to play a simple game. Although the losers can claim that they own the game and that they can do whatever they want with it. However, there are some appropriate uses for the cheat codes, even though those uses may be so wrong.

There are four basic kinds of cheat codes: devices, controllers, glitches, and Easter eggs. Devices are always considered cheat codes, as you bought the thing so you could cheat, so there is no question that you were going to cheat. Easter eggs (hidden codes) are at the other extreme; if you find one you’re actually supposed to exploit it at least once. Glitches are the ultimate gamer gray area; as glitches are random, exploiting is up to the person. Of course, if it happens a lot, then taking advantage of it is a bad thing. Controller cheats (using the controller to input a code) are not supposed to be used except in emergencies or for fun, and are otherwise bad mojo.

There is the obvious advantage of being able to finish games that have small…quirks. For example, if you accidentally sell off an item that is vital to solving a puzzle that you need to solve in order to continue the game, then it is nice to be able to put the item into your inventory in order to solve the problem. This solution also applies if you forget to buy an important item, find out that item is important and you can’t go back, and just about any other equipment issue. In other games, the ability to continue forward can depend on some bit of randomness, and you have problems moving forward. A cheat code can help you there, too.

Cheat codes can also allow you to explore the game in ways you couldn’t otherwise. For example, areas where the monsters are too tough or you can’t normally reach, using cheat codes are okay; at that point you’re just having fun, not doing anything serious. They can also be used to show off in front of friends, showing them things that make sense in no other situation. There is just a certain level of fun in showing your friends what a wrestler looks like in tutu, or being invulnerable as a normally weak character that has no business being in that part of the game.

Cheat codes may be something you should avoid using, but they can also be something that can lead to further fun, especially if you show your friends the codes. There can be a certain amusement in fighting off tanks with a high-powered slingshot. Although Playstation cheat codes were placed there for the designers to play with certain parameters, such as to see how things would change if those parameters would change, they can lead to a certain degree of scandal if it’s found out that you’re playing. Especially if no one’s there to see the fun!

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S. Stammberger is the editor of PSP Forever. A meeting place for psp enthusiasts, offering news, games, cheats, and more.

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