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About Home Theater Systems
Author: Richard Dornell

Home theater systems are a setup in homes installed for the purpose of providing cinema quality video and audio reproductions. It includes television and video equipment with special audio systems incorporated - like surround sound. The objective of recreating the feel of being in a movie theater is actualized by placement of a movie screen across the wall, use of projectors and speakers having surround sound and special furnishings like upholstered seats and couches. For a standard home theater system the video display unit should be at least 40 inches and the number of speakers involved in the surround sound system should be at least five.

Features and utility of home theater systems

The home theater provides much better movie viewing experience than typical television screens. Television screens are typically square shaped and fail to provide the realism observed in movie screens. Home theater systems are designed to take care of this and provides a worthwhile re-creation of the movie house.

Home theater arrangements may comprise of a simple setup involving a DVD player fed through a stereo system and a larger, specially designed television set. Again, it may also constitute an elaborate arrangement whereby an entire room is professionally wired involving multiple speakers and projectors are set up together with a projection screen.

The home theater room housing the home theater system is usually a room without windows - much like a cinema. Such rooms are to be found in sophisticated, plush homes. Home theater system installation gives a touch of class, refinement and taste to the room and the home. You too may be looking for securing a home theater system for your home and want to settle down for nothing less than the ultimate in home theater experience. In this case you need to commission professional installers who will design the entire movie viewing room and gear it up for delivering the cinema experience.

Use of wireless home theater systems

The home theater setup involves considerable wiring. This is needed to connect the multiple speakers placed at various locations and the projectors and other equipment. However, wireless home theater systems have also come up now to ease out the trouble of setting up wiring networks. Though these are more expensive they often prove to be worth their value by being free from the numerous wires and the associated hassles.

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