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A new and different approach is used for processing the AIT data tape. The AIT tape reel is passed through a vacuum compartment. This compartment contains vapours. The vapor molecules bond to the AIT tape reel without adhesives and become a part of it. The tape reel is made more tough and strong by the DLC (diamond like carbon) coating. Coating of DLC helps in protecting the deposited layer of vapours and prevents them from being scratched from AIT reel’s surface. The initial native capacity offering of the AIT-1 tape was 25GB. And in 1999, its uncompressed capacity was enhanced to 35 GB. The AIT technology is ideal for archival of securities, insurance, medical, government and financial data as its additional security features protects against data alteration, malicious or inadvertent data deletion.

The second generation of AIT is fully compatible with its prior version. Compressed per cartridge capacity of AIT-2 tape is 130GB with native rate speed of 6 MB/s. Increased performance, robustness and capacity of AIT tape is the result of advancements in the key functional technologies that include design of media mechanism and formulation, channel coding, built-in LSI chips and recording heads. The hyper laminate metal heads patented by Sony are used in the AIT-2 tape drive that increases the signal output in comparison to other traditional tape heads.

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So the recording density in Sony AIT2 tape format is increased up to 50 percent. High speed of drums, longer tape and higher frequency of data recording provide high transfer speed and enhanced capacity. TCPR (Trellis Coded Partial Response) was developed by Sony that enables optimized coding for the high density AIT tape technology. TCPR is also helpful in lowering the tape media’s susceptibility to noise and also promotes the data reliability. MIC interface system is the most unique and powerful feature of Sony AIT tape format.

Sony SDX2-50C AIT-2 cartridge has memory chip of 64 Kilobytes. Search map, user definable data and system log information is recorded on AIT tape’s MIC chip. This information is useful that helps in gaining immediate data access irrespective of the tape section that is being accessed. The average data access time is 100 sec in the traditional and other competing tape formats. On the other hand, the average data access time in AIT 2 tape format is less than 20sec, because the MIC chip has the capacity to support multiple load-points and partitions. The key technology in the unmatchable performance of AIT tape format is the field proven and highly durable Advanced Metal Evaporated technology.

AME media’s latest and advanced formulation along with DLC coating is used in Sony SDX2-50W AIT 2 tape. These technologies improves the tolerance and resistance of tape media and ensures long head life. Sony added advanced data security technologies and WORM technique in the AIT2 tape format. The AIT technology is ideal for archival of securities, insurance, medical, government and financial data as its additional security features protects against data alteration, malicious or inadvertent data deletion.

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